360 video

The video format is the ideal tool for engaging your audience and making them understand your message.

Interactive video

The interactive video is made up of clickable areas at different points on the page.

Personalised video

Personalized video marketing is a way to promote your product, service or brand.



Use stories as a marketing tool

Storytelling refers to a narrative structure capable of capturing the attention of the audience. This method of communication, which is very common in marketing, tells stories inspired by real life or myths to promote sales and improve the brand's image. Telling a story makes it easier to get a message across as it stirs emotions. Storytelling makes communication entertaining.


Mobile games

Play your favourite games on mobile

Browser-based games allow you to have fun on any device: laptop, smartphone, PC, tablet. This tool allows you to play titles that are accessible without downloading. Given the large number of games available, you can find apps for all tastes. It is also possible to play multiplayer games with friends on iPhone and Android.


XMS: improve your gaming experience!

If the XMS parameter represents the maximum amount of memory that the heap uses when creating a machine, the XMX parameter allows you to specify the maximum amount of memory of a heap when the machine is running. XMX refers to the memory allocation pool of a Java virtual machine and XMS to the initial memory allocation pool. This natural evolution is the result of a real proximity with customers over the last few years. With wiztivi, you can benefit from Agile services.

Social media
Social media 1

Social media: seduce your fans with quality content

Gain visibility

Create emotion

Create emotion

Generate leads

Generate leads

Reinforce your image

Reinforce your image

VR games

Dive into the action with virtual reality

Virtual reality is ideal for simulating all types of decision-making situations. This device allows learners to live a unique experience by being in the middle of the action. This educational tool will help them discover inaccessible places and watch interactive documentaries. The 360° video simulates stressful scenarios while keeping the users safe.


Ad targeting

Target your ads effectively

You can target your ads based on consumer behaviour. Ad targeting makes your advertising campaigns successful. Once you have made the perfect ad, you can achieve your goal. You can also set up your ads to target geographic areas. For example, prepare ads in English if you are targeting English-speaking internet users.

Target 1